Creativity Is Not A Competition

creativityI love writing but the creative industry can be fierce. Gosh, it can be fierce. I think it’s fair to say that my perspective on things have changed in the last twelve months, and that’s come with a lot of environmental changes also.

Creativity is not a competition. Let me repeat that again: Creativity is not a competition. Your masterpiece is unique to you, or it should be. The standard and quality of the work you produce should speak for itself, much louder than any comparisons you might make to the work of others.

Mate, I’ve been indirectly criticised about my preference to explore different types of writing. Yes, I write books but honey, I might write a few articles, press releases and music reviews too. For me, my creativity isn’t restricted into a box to make other people feel comfortable. There’s no growth in the comfort zone, do you know that? Some things I’m good at and some things I’m still learning; the point is that I don’t mind trying new things.

It’s beautiful to see other people do well, explore their chosen art mediums and excel at it. It’s so inspiring to see that passion in their eyes when they talk about what they’ve created and what it means to them. With artists of all forms, there’s no idea too big or too small. The respect for each other’s vision is wonderful and I know I never feel out of place.

11940247_10153489784197348_1193413882_nI love what I do but I often feel detached from the outside world because I’m so consumed by mine. I’m motivated by my children to build a life that makes us all happy and to give them something to aspire to. I’m inspired by the lives of others because just by following their dreams, they are paving the way for dreamers like me. They are showing me the possibilities. I’m focused on my own dreams because there is so much I want to do and to achieve.

I used to be in a rush, eager to have everything happen at once, keep my name and the reputation attached to it relevant and good. But what I’ve realised is that success takes time. There’s no real urgency. Nothing happens overnight, it takes time and dedication to the dream. I realised this while I was building my website, making it look lovely and filling it with content that I am proud of. I realised that it presents as a portfolio of my creative endeavors that at one time seemed small and insignificant, but now contributes to the bigger picture of who I am. Annika Spalding, the author, the writer, the creative mum who had to learn to love her authentic self.

I don’t compete with my creativity because I don’t need to. I don’t believe I have competition because there is only one me. I don’t watch the successes of others and feel bitter, how can I grow if I do that? That’s misdirected energy and focus, my lovely. That kind of attention should be directed at being the best possible version of ourselves, at getting ourselves to a higher level of our artistry. If our work is similar, it’s a blessing for me to witness the wonderful possibilities that come with having a strong vision and a dedicated work focus. I don’t mind asking questions so that I can understand things better and I welcome when others do the same with me.

We’re all growing, right? So let’s support that growth, share knowledge and wisdom and grow together.

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