Annika Spalding – NEW Website

Exciting times!

annika spaldingI’ve spent some time updating my website and it’s finally finished! It looks so good! I like that it improves with every revamp, and I have also noticed that I have more content to add to it each time. Those little projects, articles and appearances all add up eventually, and so it all adds to the bigger picture.

I used to be like, “Yeah, I’m Annika Spalding but I don’t know what it is that I actually do.” Isn’t that funny? That we look and choose a label to describe us, to help explain ourselves to others, but yet struggle to find one that fits completely. Yes, I’m an Author. Yes, I’m a writer. I’m all of these things and so much more.

I think it is fair to say that I inspire people, mostly women, by my careful selection of the written word, sometimes verbal. I think it is a powerful thing that I do and not necessarily something that can be measured with view statistics or income generated. I love that about it, I love that the difference made is one that can’t be measured, only felt by that individual and demonstrated by how they think, breathe and live afterwards. It’s going to be different for everybody.

Couple of Essentials

I have two main websites, here are the differences between them: – Acts as a professional portfolio – Exclusively Annika is a my personal blog. More informal. If you’re reading this now, that is where you are.

Back to Annika Spalding

Anyway, I’m rambling. Take a look at my website. I did it myself and I’m very proud about that. I’ve been blessed with advice from a techno-fabulous friend to ensure that it arrives at the top of a Google Search. I’m pretty excited about that.

Take a peek. Maybe you’ll learn something new. Perhaps you’ll leave feeling excited. Let me know what you think.



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