Parenthood & Perspective

It’s interesting to hear other people’s perspective of parenthood. Before I had children, I don’t think I was massively understanding of how parents feel or the barriers they faced. In fact, I believe I viewed having children as a barrier to life itself and the idea of being a mother didn’t appeal, especially after I’d had what seemed to be a lifetime experience of being responsible for my siblings.

Pregnancy was a beautiful experience and the beginnings of parenthood gave me a unique perspective on the world. I was mindful of the little person who would be depending on me for direction and guidance, and so it became important that I lead by example. Despite my varying levels of confidence and self esteem over the years, I’ve actually maintained some focus and determination. I’ve done a lot more than I give myself credit for, certainly, and this post briefly highlights that sometimes restrictions are in your mind.

In the 6 years of being a parent, I have:

  • Attained my A Levels
  • Attained a Level 3 Childcare qualification
  • Learned to drive (4th time lucky because I’m fab like that lol)
  • Written articles for digital publications
  • Written and published 4 books
  • Performed spoken word at events
  • Had a fancy book launch
  • Done book readings and spoken at other people’s events
  • Been on the radio about my books and my story
  • Did my dream job (Children & Family Support Worker in a women’s refuge)
  • Got into University (I start in October 2015)
  • Moved home 4 times (all with a week’s notice, might I add.)
  • Learned to not burn rice
  • Travelled to London to march and protest to end violence against women and children (while 8 months pregnant and also the year after with a 1 year old)
  • Been to meetings, radio, photo and video shoots with my toddler at my side
  • Much more

Being a parent never stopped me from achieving my dreams. If anything, it gives me motivation.

My children are with me for the duration of this journey and we’re growing and learning together.

Mindset is everything. Life began when I decided it could.

All you need is wifi and a dream. The rest is up to you. Don’t wait, act now.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. TheFeelingsWrite says:

    Yasssss sis! Us parents defo deserve credit. Our work is never done. X


    1. Annika Spalding says:

      Seriously! No bigger motivation than wanting to set a good example to our children! x


      1. TheFeelingsWrite says:

        Exactly. I’ve gotten better since my cubs


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