Social Media: Word Power & Purpose

I’m a lover of social media networks and interacting with new people over the wonderful internet world. While I can be a little obsessive with inspirational and positive quotes, I’ve come to also love the journeys of other people who share snippets of their life on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

I’m a writer, right? So I’d like to pride myself on being able to read between lines and know when somebody’s post carries more weight to it than what we might first see. I don’t like to assume but I will observe and it’s during these times that I find myself being drawn to certain people.

Real recognises real: what does this mean? To me, it means I embrace my authenticity, I’m observant of my space and of my energy, and I’m in tune with my intuition and my truth. When somebody reflects the same traits, I recognise it. When somebody doesn’t filter themselves or dilute their speech, I recognise it. They don’t necessarily have to be talking about a certain subject matter for me to know that we share similar experiences. I just know, you know?

Anyway, back to my original point: social media. It’s powerful, seriously. I’ve been drawn in and inspired by statuses, photo captions and shared articles. Had new thoughts provoked, just by reading what people chose to share, in a way that might not have happened alone. I can find it uplifting and upsetting at the same time, but I’m comfortable with customising my news feed and deleting/unfollowing people that don’t add positively to my experience.

11948309_10153489473837348_1578408402_n (1)My favourite social media network currently is Instagram and if you follow me, you’ll have noticed that I like to post inspirational quotes and spread some loving energy to people scrolling past. I post daily and many times throughout the day. I share photos from my life also but I’m a pretty private person so social media barely gets the highlights of what my life is actually like. It’s not a wholly true reflection although everything I share is my truth.

I’ve recently started to share a bit more about myself and my personal experiences. There are a number of reasons why I’ve started to do this but it’s mainly because I want to get the thoughts out of my head, basically. I don’t want the conversations, reflections and memories to always be swimming around in my head and in real life I can be pretty isolated so there isn’t much opportunity for me to share what I want at that specific moment in time. So I post on social media and it reaches people who appreciate it and respond to it. I love that it’s out of my head, no need for any over-thinking to happen and I can continue with my day.

People say I’m inspiring and I’m touched by that, but I never really get the hype. I never really understand what it is that I do that is different from what other people do, what other people share and promote. Because everybody has a story to tell and wisdom to share, right? And I find so many things inspiring, it’s a blessing to hear that I’ve been able to inspire others.

And then this week, a young woman liked a post on my Instagram and then randomly sent me a message. She said she had been in tears reading what I had shared and went on to disclose that she too grew up in an abusive childhood and had recently realised the effect it had had on her mental health in adulthood. She said she knew she was destined for greatness, she knew she had to tell her story but she didn’t know where to start. She said she didn’t even know why she had messaged me or what she wanted from me, but she messaged me anyway.

I’d spent some time this week doubting myself and her message was a welcome sign from the Universe to stop doing that. Her message showed me that people are paying attention, my little bits of writing under the pictures I post are reaching the people it needs to and helps them to know that they are not alone. Her message showed me how courageous and strong she was; despite us not knowing each other she still reached out to me and shared a little bit of her story, trusting that it would be received well. She is not alone and she didn’t know this until she began to read through social media and found stories that resonated with her own. The realness in her recognised the realness in me and she knew she should message me.

thisThis has happened before, a very talented woman messaged me via social media once and asked if we could meet up. It was random, again, but I said yes and I am so glad we did. She had been through a tough time and needed to offload, and she knew she could do that with me. She said “I’ve wanted to message you for ages” and it was only when I had responded to a generic status that she decided to bite the bullet and initiate a catch-up over coffee.  And again, another talented young woman that I was certain was suffering but I remained patient until she was approached me and was ready to share what she had been battling with. This happens often, but each time is different.

I’m not the kind of person you need to say “Please don’t say a word” to because I believe my general energy will assure you that I maintain confidentiality. This, of course, brings with it a great responsibility because so often people choose to disclose things to me and I am like a fountain of knowledge of lives I never knew I impacted.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?  I used to and I know I’m here to help people, but maybe it’s more than just by doing. Sometimes the power of the written word is enough to initiate new thoughts, conversations and life changes. I’ve had a few years employment in support work and counselling skills experience, practical advice and emotional support is my speciality but now I’m applying it to the world of creative arts and entertainment. I’ll continue to post my quotes and pictures, share articles of interest, and send a little bit of loving energy out to the internet world and be confident in knowing that the right person will see it.

My purpose isn’t necessarily to seek out and find the people who need help, support or inspiration, but to just ‘be’ and allow them to find me. Because, in the world of social media where we’ve all mastered perfect angles and correct filters to showcase a certain life ideal, real certainly recognises real.

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  1. TheFeelingsWrite says:

    Love this. Can relate to so much of what you stated especially the self-doubt.


    1. Annika Spalding says:

      Ah, it’s so demotivating isn’t it? And then out of nowhere, we’re sent a little message to remind us that we have purpose! Glad you enjoyed reading this x

      Liked by 1 person

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