Songs Of Freedom 2 – [Radio Interview]

mHave I spoken to you about Marcia Spence? Let me tell you about this phenomenal woman.

A few years ago we made friends of Facebook but never really spoke. I observed that she held a lot of empowering events and she observed as I left an abusive relationship and published my first book. She invited me to do a reading at her event: A New Life in One New Year. It was my very first event and I was extremely nervous. But I did it. I’ll always remember how Marcia met me with warmth and love, and I knew instantly that she was a good person for me to talk to. When she shared her story, talking about her childhood and being in an abusive relationship, there were similarities that I could not ignore. I felt like she was a woman I could aspire to be like because our journeys were parallel.

Fast forward two years and Marcia has invited me back to her events, giving me an opportunity and a platform to share my work. Each time I have grown a little more and become part of the loving community of women she has created on her path. When I had my book launch, I invited her to come and speak because I wanted my guests to be as inspired by her like I am. She even featured in my spoken word video for I Am A Woman.

Songs of FreedomRecently, Marcia invited me onto her radio show, On the Couch with Marcia Spence. It would be an opportunity for me to talk about domestic violence and I jumped at the chance to do this. I do love being on the radio and talking about my passions, so a combination of that and being in the company of strong and inspirational women was an opportunity I could not miss.

With the wonderful Maureen Worrell on one side and Nataleen Henry on the other, I was moved by their stories of experiencing abuse and overcoming the trauma that comes afterwards. I felt comfortable and safe and secure in knowing that in that instant, I could share whatever I wanted to share.

And so I did. On live radio, after talking briefly about my own childhood experiences, I disclosed that I too had been sexually abused as a child. I said this out loud and live on air, and I knew I could. I wasn’t scared. I felt liberated. I felt lighter. I felt comforted by the fact that I was in good, strong and safe company. I had never been so brave but here I was, doing the unthinkable, giving my inner child a first step in having a voice.


marciaIt would’t have been possible without Marcia Spence because she makes me feel safe. She gives me these brilliant opportunities and she creates a safe space, accepting me as I am and encouraging me to grow. It is so effective and so appreciated because my mum died 10 years ago. I had a close friend who was like a mother to me but she died 3 years ago. I believe that I have guardian angels or guides that appear in human form, to bring me through difficult times of change and transformation that can only be made easier with a mother’s love. My mum isn’t physically here but she is all around and I believe she sends love in a physical form when I need it, and so I have to thank the Universe and my mum and the angels for Marcia. Because without her energy and good heart, this journey wouldn’t have taken me this far or even on this route.

And we grow, but we grow in parallel and I am grateful for that. I am not alone. I am not alone. I am not alone.



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