Social Media & Chaos: A Calm Perspective

I’m a social media addict. I’ve said it before now and I won’t ever deny it. I realise sometimes that I would benefit from having a break from it and for the most part I do try. This hasn’t happened lately and I feel I had been spending a lot of (unproductive) time online. I don’t like to waste time but this was happening and then it was taken completely out of my hands.

I went to a bar, enjoyed a night of dancing, and my bag was stolen. I found it in the toilets with my house keys and make-up still inside, but my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5, iPad and purse missing. Thank you, Universe!

Most people would be absolutely gutted if this happened to them but although I was a little stunned, it did not ruin my night. I was a little inconvenienced, sure, but I was still feeling high on life and it didn’t change it. I had to stay at a friend’s house and borrow money to get home the next day, but still I woke up feeling happy and blessed.

A day later, I was able to get hold of a temporary phone (iPhone – rubbish) and downloaded the apps to my favourite social media networks, eager to update my followers of what had happened:


blessedI had such a great weekend. Saturday morning arrived with student finance approval. In the evening I enjoyed Brendon Manders Music gig at the O2 academy here in Birmingham! I haven’t been out in ages and it was great to hear great live music and catch up with some creative peeps.

Afterwards, I went to a club and had a good time on the dance floor! So good that I didn’t notice someone taking my bag! I found it in a toilet cubicle, with my phone, purse and iPad missing.

But! This did not ruin my weekend! I have to say I was in excellent company and Call Me Unique made sure I had somewhere to stay and then money to get home and to get my kids. I am so grateful for her!

Yesterday morning on my way home from Unique’s, I bumped into my dad! (Spoke to him a few weeks ago, haven’t seen him for almost 10 years.) It was so nice to catch up and made me smile even more.

I could be stressed but I am not. Material things can be replaced. I am glad I still had my house keys. I am glad I have people around me to help me in a time of need. I have a temporary phone now and my old number. I woke up still feeling blessed and happy and high on life. So, someone stole my stuff. But they didn’t take my inner light. Still shining bright. Mind over matter.”

What an interesting perspective!

That same week, my laptop broke and had been taken to the repair shop. Without my laptop and super fast Samsung phone, I have been unable to be as active on social media as I’d like to. This means blogs posts, articles, planned website re-design had to wait, basically. Maybe the Universe decided I needed this break and it has actually been beneficial. I’ve had to do a lot of thinking and writing in my journal. I’ve still done some amazing things in my hiatus and I will be updating you of these shortly.

In the real world, I was living. Digitally, everything was on pause.

Until now. Now I’m finally back online and ready to get back on world domination.


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