The Pursuit Of Dreams

I used to have the biggest of dreams but never really felt like I made progress because I wanted everything at once. I was impatient. I disregarded and minimised the relevance of the small things I was doing, not acknowledging that the small steps were still progress.

Now? I realise those small steps built a staircase and one to be proud of. These things take time. When I look back over everything, the little things I have done over the years have contributed to the creative person I am today. It didn’t seem like a lot back then, but now I have a strong portfolio of experience in the areas I am passionate about.

I wanted to inspire women and make a difference to their lives. I am well en route. I wanted to be an author. Accomplished. I wanted to pursue education beyond my GCSEs but I believed I’d never get the chance. Well, I am childcare qualified and have some pretty impressive A Levels which are enabling me to go to University this year.

This is not everything but they are things that I am proud of. And when I look back, I am glad I did the little things, the things I didn’t think were huge or that impressive, because it all became relevant.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Your desire to follow your passions and achieve has to be bigger than your fear of failure. Failure means you’re trying. Change your mindset. Start today.



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