To My Followers, With Love.

The majority of people who follow me are women. Across all social media and in person, it is women I connect with the most.

I’m also noticing that single mothers reach out to me a lot. They relate to me because I have children and they see I am strong and get stuff done regardless of what I face. I don’t judge them because I have been there.


Women who have experienced abuse connect with me. They find my openness and warmth comforting, because I understand the impacts of domestic violence and sexual violenece on many levels.

Let’s be clear: I post a lot on social media but it’s just a small aspect of my life and who I am. 3D Annika is much more complex and entertaining, I assure you.

I am not perfect and I don’t try to be. I am working to create the kind of reality I am proud to be a part of and my children can benefit from. We’re well on our way.

But from the little bit I share on here, the energy you detect from my daily posts brings you in. You reach out. Yoy tell me your stories. You ask for help. You ask for understanding. You want confirmation that you are not alone.
And I am here for you.

I don’t have much to give but I always have love. I want you to be happy. I want your children to have a happy mother, because when she parents better when she is happy. I’ve been there. I am still there. I know it’s hard. But I did it and so will you.

I’ve experienced harassment and lived in fear of violence, struggling with insomnia because I was so damn stressed and anxious, and then continued to be mother, worker, friend, woman.

I’ve had to use the little spark of self love that I had and nurture it until it grew into the burning internal flame it is today. I’ve taken on kind words by strangers and created a new support system who have supported me and understand me better than people who have known my whole life.

What I am saying, Queen, is that it hasn’t been easy. I don’t think it is meant to be. My girls will grow up with a strong and fearless mama because that is exactly what I am.

I don’t have much to offer you but love. I have plenty of love. I see you and I offer you my love and my support because I just want you to be happy. I want you to be happy because I know how hard it can be and you don’t deserve that.

So please, continue to reach out. If my posts bring you comfort, keep following me. If my words bring you warmth, keep reading them. If I’m inspiring you, let me know what resonated with you the most. Let’s talk. Open dialogue. One woman to another. Let’s support each other and build a community of strong women who rise together. That’s what got me through and I can be a part of that for you.

Lots of love x


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