I’m a Writer, Didn’t You Know?


I love writing, did you know this? 😉

Life can certainly throw some challenges my way but I’ve become quite the expert at overcoming obstacles. I’m not superhuman, I get hurt, feel defeated and angry like most people do. But I’ve gained a new perspective.

See, I write about life. I write about people and the hardships they face. I write about their darkest moments, their small steps of freedom and provide a voice to those who are unheard and unseen.

I write fiction often, yes, but I know you will read my work and relate to it in some way. I’m inspired by my experiences of life, by the experiences of others, what I’ve heard, observed and learned about the interaction of people.

So, whenever I am faced with a challenge or an obstacle, I remind myself that it is an opportunity. Whatever will be will be, but it is all writing material. Do you understand?

I own my experiences. I own what I see. I own what I am told because of how it may make me feel. I will write in reaction to that so take caution. You might recognise yourself in a character in one of my future books…

Thank you 🙂


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