Why I Refer To Women As Queens

qI don’t use degrading or offensive names or labels when referring to women, whether I know them or not, whether I like them or not. No.

I don’t care what she is wearing, who she has been with or what you think she stands for…

As far as I’m concerned, she is my sister, blood or no blood, and my sisters get my respect.

I am used to the assumption of using the word ‘Queen’ is to keep a woman in ‘her place’ or to attribute a certain type of behaviour to her, placing her above other women, but that is not how I use the term. I am not in support of that idea.

I use the term ‘Queen’ to reference a woman because I want to remind her she is unique, special, powerful and can be anything she wants, be who she wants and love herself for it.

I use ‘Queen’ as a way of acknowledging that all women are different, and so they should be, which means they may also make choices for themselves that I wouldn’t necessarily make for myself, but I respect their right to do so regardless.

I am not here to compete with another woman, not here to be better than another, not here to empower myself by disempowering others.

Being a woman in this world is a challenge enough. I will not add to it. I’m interested only in sisterhood. Encouraging women to embrace their authenticity and love themselves despite what society tells them to do.

That, for me, is being a Queen.


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