Shattered Dreams – My First Book

shattereddreamsThis right here is my first published book. I’m very proud of it because it took me a long time to write, I lost confidence in myself but yet I persevered and finished it almost two years ago.

Shattered Dreams is a novel which follows the journey of a woman who leaves an abusive relationship. She returns to her childhood home, where nothing is quite how she left it.

It’s not an easy read, I agree, but the lives of women who experience domestic violence aren’t easy either. This is a fictional story, yes, but I wanted it to be as realistic and as relatable as possible.

Will you learn something new? Will it make you feel emotional? Will you want to find out what happens afterwards? Yes.

Order your copy now, directly from Amazon for just £7.99.
Order it for a training session, a lecture, a book club, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a mother, or even just for yourself.

Let’s start being more open about women’s experiences of domestic violence and start the conversation today.

What is really going on behind closed doors?

Here’s a little bit more about it from my website:

Shattered Dreams is novel about a woman who has fled an abusive relationship, returning to Birmingham unprepared but ready to face up to the harsh truths of the past and the people she left behind. 

Determined to move forward with her life and forget about the past, Kimberly begins to rebuild her relationships with her family and friends, but is unwilling to acknowledge the signs that her husband has found her and she may be at risk. 
This women’s fiction novel is written to appeal to female readers with the intent that they relate to a character or scenario detailed in the novel in some way, shape, or form. 

Initially focusing on the impact and aftermath of domestic violence, Shattered Dreams also highlights sexual exploitation and prostitution of young women, which has been reported nationally by the media in recent high profile cases.

(Feature image by Paul Stringer Productions)


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