Book research: Get involved!

With Shattered Dreams re-edited and re-listed over at Amazon, it is officially time for me to work on the sequel.

The great thing about Shattered Dreams is that it was relatable for women who had been in, or were still in, an abusive relationship.

I am a child survivor of domestic violence, who grew up to campaign against it and work for Birmingham & Solihul Women’s Aid as a Floating Support Worker (community based) and then Children & Family Support worker (refuge based). I was also a Helpline Volunteer at the Rape and Sexual Violence Project here in Birmingham. In these particular areas, I feel I have the knowledge and experience to write about them confidently.


While I’ve already made a start on the sequel, Whispering Secrets, I want to make sure that I cover my chosen topics accurately:
– Child Sexual Exploitation
– Grooming
– Prostitution
– Living with drugs/alcohol addiction
– Teenage pregnancy
– Postnatal depression
– Women in prison

I know a little bit about these but I require real-life facts and information to be able to raise awareness in this novel. And this means I need YOU.

Whether you have been a support worker, a survivor, a neighbour, a family member, anyone at all who has been directly affected/involved/impacted by these areas, I would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch via email:


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