Making Time To Write

I love when people want to talk to me about writing. I’m honoured when they feel comfortable enough to share their work and ask for feedback. It’s amazing.

Now, I am far from the best writer out there but let me tell you something; I love writing.

I feel like the easiest way for me to express myself has always been through the written word. I think so fast that my verbal words can’t keep up with the pace at which my brain wants to share information. And so, I write.

People tell me that they would love to write, but they don’t have the time. I understand why you might feel like this but I strongly believe you are incorrect. You make time for the things that are important to you.

When writing, it isn’t always possible to have a set time each day or week where you can focus on your creativity. It is awesome if you can do that but if you can’t, you can still find time to write.

While you make yourself a cup of tea, you have time for a few words. While you’re on the bus, waiting in an appointment room, or having an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning, you have time. While you update your social media, flick the TV channels, wait for your clothes to dry or your food to warm up, you have time.

It is not necessarily about how much time you have, but about how you use the time that you do have.

Be productive with your time. If you want to write, carry a writing book and a few pens with you. Keep your phone charged. Make use of any note app and put it on your homescreen for easy access. It doesn’t have to be full paragraphs or sentences; bullet points, random notes and general ideas are all worthy of being recorded. Write it all down.

And when you do finally have time, maybe a whole afternoon, a day or even an hour, you’ll have something to start with.

Lots of love x


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  1. mrslapc says:

    This was really helpful!


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