Positivity & Self Love: A Lifestyle Choice

64016_491464374238325_312420818_nDo I flood your social news feed with images and statuses about positivity, law of attraction and self-love? GOOD.

I remain baffled at the fact that anyone can be offended or inconvenienced by positivity. Seriously, how has holding onto negativity served you? How has it helped you prosper or propelled you into the spotlight? That negative mindset –  does it bring you opportunities? Does it bring you happiness?

I could be one of those people. I could sit here with envious eyes, hating on others for what they have and what I haven’t. I could dwell on all the shitty stuff in my life and revel in it, waste my time on moaning and complaining and feeling sorry for myself. I could then project that onto others, let them feel the weight of this dark cloud I love to place myself under, and then write indirects on social media to bring others down with me. I could be that person, but I’m not.

Let me tell you this now: time is expensive. It is unbelievable how expensive time is. You will never ever get it back and every day you’re closer to death. So, isn’t it better to make the most of it while we’re here? I spend my time wisely, usually making it productive and positive. If I have a plan in mind, I work on making it happen. You’ll see the fruits of my labor long after completion and by then it is likely I will be working on something else. It is rare that I am doing ‘nothing’. I am never bored, I don’t allow that to happen. My overactive mind needs stimulation which is why I remain so active online and in life. My contribution to the world, including the online world, is usually positive and encouraging for those who are connected to me in some way. Sure, I could use my time to be bitter and miserable about life, but what would that actually achieve?

149385_10153114042422348_735228280501366352_nI learned a long time ago that anything I wanted I would have to get myself. There was no waking up one morning and having everything handed to me on a plate. Hell to the no. I had to work hard to achieve and maintain all that I have now. I have always believed that I was destined to be somebody and so I am working hard to make it happen. Whatever it is I am destined to do in this lifetime, I believe I am well on course to achieving it. I have suffered heart breaks, betrayals, disappointments and misfortunes in this life but I refuse to believe that is what I am here for. Definitely not. It didn’t stop me. I am not defined by my past. It shaped me, yes, but I am who I am in the present, that is what matters the most.

What I like about myself, particularly as I get older, is that I take lessons from everything. Even when something not so great happens, I turn it around and take back my power by finding a lesson in it. I have to think about what I want to get out of it, what would be a better or alternative outcome, how can I change it. I have to put my ego aside and do what is best for my soul. If you know what I mean, I applaud you. If you don’t, think about it.

I don’t compare myself to others and I only compete with myself. My main focus is me. If I pour time, energy and effort into myself, then everybody benefits. If I feel good, I do good, I make others feel good, which is all round goodness, right? Self love is so instrumental in all that I’ve done and all that I’m doing. In loving myself, I began to achieve my dreams and I feel obliged to pay it forward and encourage others to do the same. I practice what I preach, my lovely, and I am blessed to have the confidence to do that, because not everybody does.

I can pick up on energy. I’m drawn to people who ooze good energy, those who are positive and open and honest, these are the kind of people who become my friends. The realists who realise that remaining in a state of discontent never got them anywhere, so they choose to be grateful instead and reap the benefits of that altered way of thinking. When I see social media posts from these people, I can feel the sincerity behind their words and their energy leaps of my phone screen and connects with mine. That level of authenticity is just beautiful, in my opinion. I believe that like-minded individuals gravitate naturally towards each other so maybe that is why some people click and some don’t.

Photo 06-02-2015 20 57 09I don’t mind if people don’t like me or care what they think. For a long time, it didn’t matter how many friends I had, I didn’t like me and so it didn’t make a difference. Now? I love me. I love me so much that I laugh at the indirects, side comments, forced smiles and rolled eyes. I am highly amused at what the universe brings to my attention. I know it is a test of my resilience, and often a challenge to what I have learned about myself so far. I never claim to know everything and I am still a student of life. It’s a good job I love to learn because the universe presents me with so many opportunities where I can do just that.  I continue to learn, grow and develop, every day I evolve more. I am well truly blessed.

There are times when I send messages of love to people I know, simply because I feel so much love that I am unable to contain it. There are times when I receive messages like this, from people who wish to do the same and it really warms my heart. Again, time is precious, and I really value the time spent by those who wish to write me a little something. I may not always respond immediately or even at all, but I always notice and I am always appreciative that I was on somebody’s mind. These messages seem to arrive just at the right time. I love it. Or sometimes, I’ll be scrolling through Instagram and see a quote or image that resonates. I love that synchronicity and it makes me feel good.

Good intentions, good energy and good people make me feel good. So, I work to make sure I am one of those good people who bring good energy with good intentions. That’s the essence of who I am. I don’t have the attention span to pretend to be something I’m not. I’m not interested in fitting into somebody else’s warped idea of how I should be. That’s not my life. I can’t live an inauthentic life. My soul would probably die a slow death. I’m not here for that. I’m here to live a life that is positive and oozing with love.  And so, I’ll continue to do just that.

Lots of love x


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