From Me To You

If you’re reading this, please know that I think you are amazing!

I know social media doesn’t truly reflect your daily battles and challenges, you deal with so much behind closed doors. You are strong, you are powerful and I see you. You put on a smile for all to see even when you’re not smiling inside. You put so much love into what you do and it shows. I believe in you and believe me when I say that you will reap the rewards of your hard work. You will. And if we talk, please don’t feel you have to put up a wall or be guarded or put on a front. We are all vulnerable at times and we protect it so fiercely but know that I come only with love and understanding.

You are a work in progress. You are a work of art. The greatness that is destined for you is within reach and I am excited for you. Just be gentle with yourself on days when you don’t feel too sparkly. Celebrate your achievements, no matter the size. And allow yourself time to process. You set out to win at this, you set out to achieve your dreams and I truly believe you will not fail.



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