Dear Creatives: An Open Letter

Welcome to 2015. This is officially the year of making big things happen. I really feel like last year was the dress rehearsal for the big show this year. Are you ready? Have you rehearsed your lines? Are you clear about what your costume should look like? Did you do research into your character? Are you ready to act the part? Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Acting.

We give ourselves these titles and then work to meet and fulfill the expectations of that title. We all want to do well and we all want to achieve, but is it absolutely necessary to oppress others in order to achieve our dreams? I believe we are strong people and possess amazing talent, success is inevitable but wouldn’t it be sweeter if we succeed together? Individually we command much respect, the reputation of our work goes before us, but imagine our collective power, if we just decided to step outside of our egos and stand together.

I’m creative, I get it. You’re creative, you get it. We should understand each other, or at least try to. I’ve written articles about creative people, spoken to poets and bloggers, conversed with rappers and singers, discussed creativity at length with photographers and comedians, and the running theme is mental health. Mental health, people. Many of us have, and still are, experienced an aspect of it. We’re good at putting on a front, but when we are creatives we’re even better at painting a beautiful lie. Sure, we’re fine and we will say we are fine until we are blue in the face but at the depth of it all we’re not. We hide behind our online promotion, our business face at meetings, our performance personalities, desperate to keep that part of us locked away but ultimately it begins to eat at us inside. This feeling of helplessness, unhappiness, anxiety and depression, begins to overwhelm us, we can’t breathe, it’s suffocating and the only way to breathe is to create.

Our pain fuels our art, our turmoil is our muse, and when we’re done with all the emotion used, we go back into robotic states, smiling at the correct times, speaking when spoken to, keeping up appearances, playing the part of the successful artist. But what is success without happiness?

Let’s face it, life of a creative can be isolating and misunderstood, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The pursuit of dreams can be tiring, it can challenge our relationships with those who don’t quite share our vision. We smile at each other at events, we say the right things on social media, but let’s be honest, we’re all struggling in some way underneath it all. Nobody has it completely together. Nobody is normal, nor should they strive to be, because it is their individuality that makes them the amazing artist that they are.

Don’t compare yourself to your peers. Don’t get lost in the public achievements of others because you don’t know what they are battling with in private. It is easier to make judgements of what you don’t understand, but how about you take that time to go beyond that fake smile. Look out for each other. Be genuine. Support each other. Help guide those around you and expect nothing in return. Pay it forward. Be kind, be generous, be authentic. Be honest and open about your intentions. Remember we all start from somewhere and it is not necessary to empower yourself by oppressing others.

Lots of love x


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  1. Diamond deyah says:

    Loving your word power


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