Introvert Me

There are times when I need to switch off and focus on myself. It’s not about you. It’s nothing you’ve necessarily done. It’s not that deep. Don’t make this about you. If I love you, I love you but I love me more. I’m not going to apologise for it. I don’t need to explain myself.

I love that my energy makes people feel good but understand I get drained too, and so sometimes the desire to
refuel myself is more important than the desire to boost your ego.

Sometimes you will get me at 100% and sometimes you will only get 50%. I can be sometime-ish and flaky, I can go from messaging you every day to just once a week. I don’t owe anyone time or energy or effort. If you need me, know that I’m always there for you, no questions asked. If I’m there, it is because I want to be, not because it is what you expect. There is a clear difference.

If you actually know me properly, you already know this. You already feel secure in our friendship. You already know that sometimes I am rebuilding my energy so that I can continue to send love to those around me.

This is about me. This is about what I need. This is about self love.

#HowItIs #SelfLove


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